Eaquarius y aquarius son compatibles

You Aquarius and Aries parents will have to add nurturing to your particular parenting formula. Aries' desire to see just how much one child can.
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An Aries child can't tolerate being told what to do or what to think. An Aquarius mom is non-directive. All will be well as long as mom remembers that everything is good in moderation. Aquarian moms are not fond of strict discipline, but the mom must make every effort to prevent her courageous and reckless, self-willed child from going too far. An Aries child needs to learn to be assertive while not hurting himself or offending anyone.

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It's best for mom to use friendly persuasion to teach him how to behave. An Aquarius mom is drawn to unusual people and experiences, while her mellow, affectionate Taurus child is most attracted to ease and familiarity. She'll be resistant to any of mom's efforts to push her out of her comfort zone. A Taurus child is as physically stubborn as his Aquarius mom is mentally stubborn, and she won't budge until she's ready. Mom should keep in mind that it's not because her Taurus child is fearful that she's so resistant; she's just not a particularly curious child and is slow to move on to something new until she sees something in it for her.

An Aquarius mom will find it easier if she relies on her innate "live and let live" approach with her slow moving, stubborn Taurus child. Like his Aquarius mom, a Gemini child is bright, has an endless curiosity about the world, loves being out and about talking to other people and is drawn to everything new and different. Both are students of life and capable of brilliant ideas. However, mom has greater focus; her Gemini child has so many interests, it can be difficult for him to focus on any one thing.

An Aquarius mom will gleefully push her Gemini child out into the world, give him the freedom he needs to explore, willingly answer all his questions and discuss things with him, and will be a favorite of all his friends. The only thing mom needs to be concerned about is that she doesn't go overboard in treating her friendly Gemini child and his friends like peers or equals. An Aquarius mom's instinct is to expose her kids to the world's many people and experiences.

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A Cancer child, on the other hand, is a shy and moody kid who is emotionally and physically sensitive, can be easily overstimulated, and prefers the comfort and security of home. In addition to not being a homebody like her Cancer child, an Aquarius mom is emotionally reserved and will have to step out of herself to give her child the reassuring, touchy-feely attention and encouragement on which a Cancer child thrives. A Leo child, like his Aquarius mom, enjoys mingling with both old and new friends. However, while mom is cool and low key, he's passionate, dramatic and wants to be the center of attention especially mom's.

An Aquarius mom is a bit distant and impersonal, whereas her Leo child needs mom to be warm and personal. He will feel neglected and act out or show off in a big way to get her attention if she does not give him the personal praise and encouragement on which he thrives.

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However, if mom will stretch a bit and shower him with love, cuddles, open praise and admiration, all his acting out and showing off can be prevented. A Virgo child wants to know what to expect and thrives in a stable, orderly environment, one with rules and routines. An Aquarius mom couldn't care less about her child having an orderly life; she's more about exposing her kids to interesting experiences and new ways of thinking. Mom is also prone to creating a certain amount of chaos just to keep life interesting and mentally stimulating, but chaos leads to worry and anxiety in a Virgo child.

Though consistent routines may not feel comfortable for an Aquarius mom, these are the best way for mom to keep her Virgo child calm, grounded and centered. An Aquarian mom and her Libra child are gregarious, outgoing and enjoy being around people.

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However, mom likes to work with large groups of like-minded people, while her Libra child is a friendly smiling child who enjoys laughing and talking to everyone she meets on a one-to-one basis. Mom might prefer if her Libra child made decisions for himself, but he has a hard time making decisions and sticking to them. Explore if you are dominated by your sunsign or moonsign Play now. Sun Sign The most easy to understand feature of Astrology.

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